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Whiten Skin Men - In general, most men do not care about the appearance of their skin so. Why? Since most of them assume that the brown skin will look macho and cool. As a man, do you agree with the above assumption? I do not really agree because not every guy who likes to take care of skin is abnormal man. They did just the opposite sex to attract attention and also maintain a healthy body or skin. So, keen to start caring and whiten your skin? If so, there are some tips that you should follow, such as:

Whiten Skin Men

Wash your face regularly

After running all day activity, the face will look greasy and dirty. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your face with soap or facial cleanser cream. Make sure that you use a facial cleanser products that match your skin type so as not to cause acne and other side effects. In addition, avoid washing your face too often because of the chemicals in the cleaning products can cause damage to the facial skin cells. Ideally, wash your face twice a day.

Use Long Sleeve

If you often spend a lot of your time to work in the hot sun, it is advisable to not just wear sunscreen cream or lotion Handbody, but also long sleeves. Remember to avoid dark colored clothes because the clothes can absorb light, which in turn can damage the skin.

Consumption of vegetables and fruits
Eating vegetables and fruits are not only healthy for the body, but also your skin. Keep in mind that the skin will dry quickly and wrinkles, if you lack fiber, nutrition, and nutrition. There were vegetables and fruits should be consumed are spinach, cabbage, avocado, grapes, and other sebagianya. By having healthy skin, the skin will be firmer and looks fresh and blushing.

Additional tips is that you have to get enough rest and regular exercise. This activity can assist and expedite the process of regeneration / rejuvenation of the skin and make the skin healthy and fresh.

Thats are some tips the Whiten Skin Men, I hope the information above can insight , also read Causes of Acne .

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