Causes of Acne

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Causes of Acne - Acne is the greatest enemy of every human being, both women and men. The appearance of acne on the face is very undesirable because it can damage the appearance and make less confident. already know whether the cause of this annoying little thing on the face of this?The following reading about the Causes of Acne .

Causes of Acne

Factor Food

Food consumed affects the facial skin and lead to acne. In addition, instant foods or in processed form can also be a factor of acne because it contains preservatives, sweeteners, and dyes and oils that stimulate the onset of acne on your face. For those of you who like to drink coffee or consume beverages containing caffeine, it is possible if the acne gets inflamed due to the amount of the hormone trigger acne will increase due to the consumption of too much caffeine.

One Of Cosmetic

Know that cosmetics or makeup that you use to enhance your appearance, it can also be the cause of acne due to the chemicals contained in these beauty products. You should not try to use cosmetics that do not necessarily correspond with the skin just as interested in a commercial on TV or heard from friends. Without realizing it, your skin may be allergic to cosmetics, but its use remains to forward. In fact, many cosmetics contain no mineral oil is safe to use on your skin. Besides making inflamed acne, this content is also cause irritation which can lead to skin cancer.


If you have oily face type, do not be surprised if there are stubborn acne at home in the face. Acne can appear quickly and easily on oily face because hormones also stimulate the oil glands of acne. In addition, the pores of oily generally larger than the kind of face that is not greasy. This is what can cause acne easily.

Dirty Air

Frequent activity outside the home? Perhaps, you often face the heat of the sun or the air is not clean and healthy. In addition, those who work in an office environment even if the job does not clean the air will also get dirty. These are things which seem trivial but it is proven to cause acne. Dirty air that touch the face of a cause of acne.


Life simply can not be separated from the problem that increasingly approached. The problems of life can cause depression or stress. The hormones that cause acne will emerge and at home in the face if the human is experiencing stress. In addition, stress can make a person's eating and sleeping patterns become irregular.

Here are some of the Causes of Acne that we seldom realize, I hope the information above can add insight. also read about How to Get Rid of Acne

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