Whiten Skin in Natural

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Whiten Skin in Natural - Using natural materials or perform traditional ways to whiten skin is still a choice. In addition to the already proven effective skin whitening, natural ingredients are also easily available and relatively inexpensive. Well, how to whiten skin traditionally? Here are some natural ingredients that can be used to Whiten Skin in Natural :

Whiten Skin in Natural


Milk bath is a familiar term in beauty. The following reviews how to whiten skin using milk:
- Bath milk Pour 2-3 cups of milk or milk 2 sachets of milk powder into a bathtub filled with water (can be plain water or warm water). Soaking in it and rub it into the body as you soak in the bath usually.
- Liquid milk rubbed into the body (such as scrubs). Unlike the first step, you can directly apply liquid milk as she massaged into body parts such as when using a body scrub.

Note: The milk used is a type of milk powder or pure liquid milk to be had at the drug store or cosmetic store nearby. Materials can also be replaced with milk yogurt (method and the same process).

Olive Oil

Natural ingredients that effectively whiten skin is olive oil. In addition to brighten, olive oil is also believed to moisturize, soften and lift dead skin cells.
The steps to use olive oil for skin whitening:
- Provide pure olive oil and pour into a clean bowl.
- Dip a soft cloth and clean edge into it, then rub it into the body. The second way that put themselves pure olive oil using a hand
- Be sure to splash it up evenly into folds or areas of the body that is not visible, such as elbows, neck, between your fingers, etc..

Lime Or Lemon

Lime and lemon are also believed and has been proven to brighten and whiten skin.
Tools and materials:
- Select one: Lemon or lime
- Bowl
- Wringer
- Honey

Step :
- Provide lime or lemon is still fresh to taste (depending on the number of body areas that use or want to be enlightened) and honey .
- Squeeze lime or lemon .
- The juice is mixed with honey water evenly in the container. Note: One tablespoon of honey is enough for 5 lime or lemon sized.
- Apply the juice that has been mixed with the honey to the body .
- Waiting 20 minutes
- Clean the body with clean water and dry with a soft towel .
- Do it every day for maximum results .

Note: Be careful in the use of lime as it will cause a sense of pain when touching the wound.

Avocados are very good for skin health and beauty because the properties that can brighten the skin and retain moisture. How to whiten skin using avocado main ingredients:
- Provide 1 avocado
- Scrape the avocado meat and let it remains stuck on the inside of the avocado skin
- Spread the avocado skin to the entire surface of the face and neck
- Wait for 15-20 minutes
- Clean and rinse the face using clean water
- Do regularly (every day before bathing)

Thus a number of ways to Whiten Skin Natural, hopefully the information above can add insight. read also about Whiten Skin Men.

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