Ingredients Natural Skin Whitening Facial

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Ingredients Natural Skin Whitening Facial - To have a white, smooth and clean face, most women prefer to use beauty products. In fact, all the beauty products on the market that are safe to use. Why? Because many health organizations to find beauty products that use hazardous materials such as mercury, parabens, triclosan, and others.

Ingredients Natural Skin Whitening Facial

In fact, there are still other ways that are cheaper, easier and safer to whiten the face. In what ways? Using the following Ingredients Natural Skin Whitening Facial :

lemon and honey. Be a useful addition to grain, the potato was also believed to whiten the skin. The trick, mashed potatoes enough in a blender and mix a little honey. After that, apply evenly to the face.

Yam. From the beginning until now, believed bengkoang powerful skin whitening. Therefore, not surprising that many suppliers of beauty products that make yam as the main ingredient for skin whitening products. However, the proposed rates for these products are certainly relatively expensive, is not it? So there is nothing wrong if you try to make your own wire mask.

Lemon and honey. A fruit that is rich in benefits is a lemon. Because, in addition can be used to clean your face of acne, lemon is also beneficial for skin whitening. The thing just using lemon juice mixed with honey as a mask.

rice water. Would you believe that rice water can whiten the skin? Yes, but leave the rice used a beautiful and free of fleas.

Tomato and lemon. In addition to being used as a complementary dish, tomato and lemon juice is also believed effective skin whitening. The trick? Namely tomatoes soften and mix with lemon juice, then used as a mask.

Lemon and egg white. Other materials that can be used for skin whitening is a mixture of lemon juice with egg white. On the other hand, the second ingredient is also effective for cleaning acne and black spots.

Banana and lime. Bananas are also effective for skin whitening pills. The trick? That is the sweet banana and mix with a little honey and then used as a mask.

Note: Note:
- Use just enough to measure ingredients.
- Use of materials is 10, 15 or 20 minutes before it was cleaned (rinsed with water).
- Use cold water or warm water to clean.
- Perform maintenance at least two times a day or 3 times per week.

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