How to Remove Odors

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How to Remove Odors
Look attractive with a beautiful face and the outfit that fits into the dream of every woman. However, it is normal and not interesting at all, even if it has body odor. Each person must have a Body Odor rejected by people around because they are not comfortable with body odor. Body odor is certainly very embarrassing, is not it? Therefore, the cause of  Body Odor and how to eliminate them below:

How to Remove Odors

- Hormones. For those who are at the age of puberty, do not be surprised if you have body odor due to hormonal changes in the body can trigger unpleasant odors caused by bacteria that mixes with sweat.
- Rarely bathe. Body should be cleaned and clean to avoid unpleasant body odor, especially if you sweat. Sweat is actually not the main trigger body odor, but the bacteria in your body, because he rarely mingled with the sweat bath and the one who became the cause.
- Deodorants. Did you used to treat deodorant? Deodorant can be a major factor why your body odor due to mold and bacteria left on your armpits. If united with sweat, fungi or bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor.
- Power. Other causes of body odor is the food that enters the body. Foods that have a pungent smell is processed in the body and cause unpleasant odors. Some foods that cause body odor is garlic, meat, alcohol and Fast food,
How to Remove Odors

How to eliminate body odor

How powerful and effective way of eliminating this annoying body odor? Follow the trick below:

Using natural ingredients
The natural way is able to effectively eliminate body odor without any side effects. The materials commonly used are:
    - Betel leaf. There are two sure-fire way to eliminate body odor using betel leaf. First, you can rub a betel leaf which has been finely ground into the armpits of your hand before bathing. Leave for 8-10 minutes then rinse using clean water. Second, betel leaves and drink boiled water boiled on a regular basis (every day).
    - White vinegar. To be free of body odor, you can also use white vinegar can be done in two methods. The first of which is applying the white vinegar slowly into the armpits. Use a soft cotton if necessary. The second way is to shed a bit of white vinegar on the collar neck, armpit folds, and other parts that can cause odor when exposed to sweat.

Reduce consumption of foods that can cause odor.
- Make sure you reduce the consumption of foods that can cause body odor as mentioned above. Instead, multiply eating fruits and vegetables to maintain freshness and prevent body odor.

Shower before and after the move outside and sweating
- Showers are generally held twice a day in the morning and afternoon. Do not let you reduce the bath time. If necessary, do more if you move out of the house and causing a grueling sweat.

Thank you for reading our article about How to Eliminate Body Odor hopefully that information can make you smell good all day. read also about How to Reduce the Healthy Stomach.

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