How to remove Blackheads

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How to remove Blackheads
Blackheads are annoying little on the face which consists of two types: comedones (blackheads black) and white (white dots). Black blackheads (open comedones) are black spots that appear on facial pores that were not covered by the epithelium of the skin. Meanwhile, white comedones (closed comedones) was a prominent white spots on the skin. Both are very stubborn and often appear suddenly in the face, but the white kind of Blackheads is more difficult to overcome, because it is under the epithelium of the skin.

How to remove blackheads

- There are many causes of inflamed blackheads on your face you need to know:
Too many fatty foods. The food is a major factor affecting the face of health and beauty. Similarly, with the appearance of blackheads. Blackheads are also caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods that contain a lot less oil and fat. Fried or fried can make all kinds of blackheads.

- The face is greasy and unkempt. Did you face thoroughly and regularly? Popping blackheads and at home in front rarely cleaned. Especially if your skin type is oily, if oil dibersihkangumpalan be promoting a white and black blackheads.
In essence, blackheads are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and irregular. If you do not pay attention to the food consumed, the facial treatment with care, and rest and exercise regularly, it will probably inflamed blackheads on the face.

How to remove blackheads

The natural way

How to deal with naturally preferred course blackheads because in addition considered safer, also reduce costs due to material / equipment used can be obtained easily. Here are some proven natural ways to remove blackheads:
- Use of hot steam.Tersimpel and reliable way to reduce and eliminate blackheads is to use steam chaude.Versez hot water in the size of container / bowl then you are confronted face to container. Let the hot water vapor is touching your face for 2-3 minutes.
- The use of an ice cube. Unlike the previous method, you can also use an ice cube to remove stubborn blackheads on the face. The ice is still frozen box rubbed on the face of blackheads. Remember, do not rub too hard. Do this slowly and gently clean pores.
- Apply egg whites. The egg whites have a very credible to eliminate pimples and blackheads. The egg whites were separated from yellow can be applied directly to the face to minimize and tighten pores and blackheads inhibiting inflammation.\

Using a suction tube blackheads

In this modern era, those who choose instant way to remove blackheads is to use the suction hose or tool to squeeze blackheads. This tool has been sold free for individual use. In other words, anyone can use this tool. The price range of USD 5-15 or more. This tool can also be used easily without using ahlinya.Ada shaped tool length tight black at each end shaped clamp points for removing blackheads on the face.

Surely this is only used for black blackheads, not blackheads are still white lacquered leather. However, this type of tool is often painless. For this, there is also a new innovation in the form of tangible tools blackheads masseuse who perform the tightening pores and blackheads painless.

Make facial
Another alternative to get rid of blackheads is to visit a dermatologist clinic or the beauty of a face, or commonly known as a facial scrub. As you probably know, means scrub. Yep, exfoliating face scrub blackheads activities carried out in the parts where black nesting points.

In addition to exfoliating, dermatologist or esthetician usually do black compression points or remove blackheads on the face of patients, by using a special tool. Then smeared mask or specialized products for the prevention after blackheads removed.

Thus reading about How to Remove Blackheads, hopefully can help you in clearing your skin problem, see also How to Whiten Skin on Hands and Feet.

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