Dandruff ?

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Dandruff is the excessive shedding of dead skin on the scalp. Cells and exfoliate dead skin is a natural event that normally when peeling the numbers a bit. However, there are people who are constantly (chronic or occasional, exfoliating in large numbers, followed by redness and irritation .

Dandruff ?

Causes of dandruff

Dietary factors
A bad choice of food is also a trigger dandruff on the scalp. Regarding some of the foods are as follows:
- The food is too hot. According to the survey, there are people who just want to eat a food if it is still in a warm place (white rice and vegetables are hot), otherwise it would not taste good to eat again. You fall into these people? This is certainly should be avoided because the food is too hot will rise in body temperature and trigger the onset of dandruff.
- Foods that are too spicy. A spicy dish has its own charm to eat. However, never crossed my mind that spicy food is the cause of dandruff?
- Foods that contain high sugar. Should reduce the foods that contain high sugar. In addition to avoiding diabetes, also to avoid the dandruff problem.
- Supply from dairy products. Foods from dairy products like cheese, milk, chocolate or ice cream without doubt a favorite food because it tastes good and can spoil the language. However, these foods are not good for beauty. Why? Because these foods can be a cause of dandruff.
- The food was greasy. Fried is a friend to be able to eat with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Agree ? However, you should know that fried food is that it can lead to dandruff problem because it contains a lot of oil.

Genetic factors
- Dandruff can also be caused due to problems or hereditary factors. Where it can be descendants of the gene from the father or mother who has a history of having a lot of dandruff.

Factors allergy product
-Allergy products can also cause dandruff on your scalp. For example, often mutually shampoo. Of course, every product has a shampoo composition of different materials and all the compositions are not necessarily suited to your scalp (oily or dry).

Here are some reviews about Dandruff can we say hopefully can add insight and can maintain the beauty of your hair, see also the How to Whiten Skin Hands and Feet .

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